Tønder, Danmark; Scandinavia, baby!

This whole trip has been about seeing Scandinavia, and now I’m here! Tønder is just across the border from Germany, and was part of Germany for a period, but it is tangibly Danish.

After shopping and topping up diesel in expectation of higher prices ahead, I parked up and plugged in at a camper site at Tønder’s extensive sports centre in the early afternoon. The sign said, if reception is closed book in when it’s open! So I’m brimful if water and drawing power on trust. Cool.

Not only was the sports centre reception closed (although the pool was open- there’s no charge for anyone to use it), most of the shops in town were. Signs showed closing times between 12 and 14 (the 24hr clock reigns). A few shops were open, some eateries and the bars, but the town centre was very quiet. Half day on a Saturday? Is this a Danish thing?

On the edge of town, supermarkets, including an Aldi, were open, and I also spotted that diesel was 9.19 Danish Kronor a litre, equivalent to the 1.23 euro I paid in Germany. I wonder if proximity keeps equivalent prices – guess I’ll find out as I head north. Diesel is cheaper here than when I left the UK.

So, Tønder. A small town, quiet, but the sports centre and public art speak of thriving community. The question is raised again, as it was in Belgium, how can these small towns have such wonderful facilities? No signs of vandalism, yet anyone can just walk in a dive in the pool, access football pitches and so on.

Anyway, back to Tønder.

Attractive, clean, the contemporary sits comfortably with the historical. There’s a couple of museums that seem worth checking out and, on a mundane level, I’ve washing to do. Another night in Tønder beckons.

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