Tous pour un, un pour tous!

Popped into the Netherlands to visit Maastricht. After crossing a short piece of noisy concrete, a disputed border perhaps, Lisa the SatNav, named by agreement, notified me I could now travel at 81 mph, 130 km/h, instead of 75 mph; I stuck to 60 mph. The pitch for the night was the forecourt of a motorhome dealership on a quiet industrial estate, so I parked across the road from it and cycled into the city. Maastricht – derived from the Latin, Traiectum ad Mosam meaning crossing at the Meuse – is a stimulating city, medieval and contemporary, the narrow streets contained within the old walls a striking contrast to the adjacent modern art and architecture. A neat, interesting and rewarding city, appropriate as it is the midwife of the great European vision.

Following the front wheel of my bike, my random exploring threw up many delights and surprises. The two that will stick are references to D’Artagnan and the giraffe & the girl.

Saw this first, Daliesque flowing ceramic over ancient stones with reference to D’Artagnan I couldn’t understand .
D’Artagnan was a real guy who died defending Maastricht, and was the inspiration for Dumas.
Put me in mind of Peter Greenaway’s Z & Two Noughts. A great film.

The irony, deliberate or otherwise, was that at the other end of the park there was an aviary of captive birds. Tasteless either way, but should not detract from an interesting, compact, historically significant, yet contemporary, city. Glad I visited. BTW, how’s that Brexit thing going back in the UK, 25 years after signing the treaty in Maastricht to form the EU? All going smoothly? Prime Minister Mogg seems to think so.

Tous pour un, un pour tous, all for one, one for all, was the motto of the musketeers. Sums up what the EU is about, but why would the UK want any part of that?

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