Towers, and the meeting everyone missed.

Thursday. Started the day with a dash up the 366 steps to the top of Belfry of Brugge. Awesome views. Drove to Ghent, spelt Gent, pronounced Hent as if clearing your throat. No sat nav issues, parked on a free site. Walked into the city.Like the outskirts of any European city, the style was casual to scruffy. Then you turn a corner and, like supermodels fighting for the camera lens, you’re overwhelmed by churches and towers vying for your attention.

“Look at me! No, look at me!”

Perhaps it was snowing, or there was a mail strike, but everyone missed the meeting where they were going to decide they had enough churches!

“Citizens, look, we’ve enough churches and towers!”

Enough with the towers already! Any one of the buildings would be a major attraction in another city.Did a canal trip and learned there are 55 catholic churches in Gent. Enough with the religion already!A scruffy but in your face sister to Brugge, great to explore. The Gravensteen is worth a visit for views of the city and its history of torture and executions, if you like that kind of thing. Gent has a very turbulent history. Glad we live in more enlightened times, well in most parts of the world. Spa tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Towers, and the meeting everyone missed.

  1. Great start to your Grand Tour. The buildings in Brugge and Ghent all look amazing. Love, Stoney Oateys

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