Umeå ‘n everybody got a… IKEA

Sunday 16 September. I left Hudiksvall before 09:00 to renew my close relationship with the E4 heading north. On a clear and crisp day, the low sun flickering between trees, I was hoping to see a loose moose.

The signs have been threatening for over a week, but no show.

I stopped at midday to listen to the launch of Radio Newquay. It has success and professionalism written through it like seaside rock. It will rock. I wonder if I was their most northerly listener?

Since Stockholm, at 59N, I moved two degrees north, about two hundred miles, each day. I’m overnighting on the IKEA car park in Umeå, at 63.8N, having enjoyed their meatballs as a late lunch.

Can it get more Swedish?

I did pop into Umeå to look at a small gallery at the university and take a walk. The gallery was a nice space but had little to offer beyond some worthy but unoriginal environmental stuff, but there were good views outside.

That’s the Torne River. A short walk beside it offered some fun.

I keep trying to catch Sweden off guard by dropping into random places unannounced, but everywhere looks great. Tomorrow is my last day and night in Sweden. Another early night, another long drive, another two degrees further north along the E4, but the destination promises to be a bit special.

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