Your Schloss is my gain.

Schloss Glücksburg, has its own icon in my map book so warranted some research. Seemed worth a visit and turned out to be so.

Built around 1585, the builder, Duke Johann the Younger, was the brother of the King of Denmark, brother-in-law of the Elector of Saxony and, through many of his 23 children, became father-in-law of several German sovereigns. He was high in the German Emperor’s favour and most European monarchies, including the British, can trace a line back to the Glücksburgs.

The castle is still owned by descendants and it benefits personal touches. A very different look and feel to a stately home.

A sleigh
A nine-shooter
The naughty seat

Off to Denmark tomorrow, but the last couple of days have been a positive conclusion to my short dash across this part of Germany.

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